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#1 08-06-2014 22:33:45

[email protected] (Mister_X)

Re : [Aircrack-ng] Custom trac+svn or GitHub (or other alternative)

Recently, I had a small discussion about moving to GitHub (or another similar solution) on IRC. The subject has come up several times (and I thought several times about it) and I'd like to have a more opinions about it.

I'm really tempted to move it since it might decrease cost a little bit and most importantly, it will decrease the amount of maintenance I have to do. However, I have some concerns and I'm open to new ideas.

I like GitHub since it has most of the features of (a base) trac (and I don't need more than that). User management is built-in, as well as anti-spam. There is a big community around it and we can do continuous integration (using Travis CI). And I don't have to spend time cleaning up the spam, updating the server (and making sure it's secure; I guess GitHub have security measures).

Here is what I don't like with GitHub:
You don't have control of your code anymore.One way thing: you can import trac (tickets and stuff) to GitHub but I never heard of tools to back that up You depend on them: if they're down, you'll have to wait for their stuff to come back up. If they get hacked, you might be in trouble. They can close your project; If you guys remember WhatsApp, a few days before it was bought by Facebook, GitHub received DCMA letters and had to close a bunch of projects that were related to WhatsApp (or API library).You need an account to create a bug report.  However, the cons can be somehow alleviated:
Hosting my own git repository and syncing to GitHub (as well as other GitHub alternatives)If there is no tool to back up GitHub, I might develop one (and open source it) or pay somebody to create one.Using multiple services. We could have GitHub as main the main location and using other services as back-up (read-only). If GitHub gets down, we can switch any other to read-write. However, we'll need a software to do the sync (and it also depends on the back-up program in the previous point.If they don't have an account: Accept bug reports by email and/or have people post in the forum (you don't need an account to post) and I take care of adding them to GitHub.
So, here are my questions:
What is your opinion about using GitHub (and git) for Aircrack-ng instead of trac+svn?What are the alternative to GitHub (free, hosted)? If you've used it, please give me your opinion about it. I'm also willing to pay a few dollars a month if there is a serious one.What are the installable (to your own server) alternatives to GitHub. It's better if it's free/open source but I don't mind paying if the solution is good.Here is what I found (and heard about): GitLab (to install, as backup, using gitlab-mirrors), BitBucket, Gitorious, Kiln. However, I need more feedback about them.

As I get feedback, I'll update the post. … other.html


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